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Power Window Switch

every car have Power Window Switch,it is a switch on a vehicle that is used to control the power windows. Power windows are windows that can be opened and closed using a switch or button, rather than by hand. The power window switch allows the driver or passengers to open and close the windows without having to manually crank a handle. It is typically located on the door panel near the window, and can be used to control the windows on that particular door. Some vehicles may have a master power window switch that can control all of the windows on the vehicle at once.

power window switch is a control panel that is used to operate the electric windows on a vehicle. It is typically located on the door panel of the vehicle, near the armrest, and is used to open and close the windows by pressing a button or turning a dial. Some power window switches also have additional functions, such as a switch to open and close the moonroof or sunroof, or a switch to control the mirrors.

Our company is original equipment(OE)manufacture.we also supply Aftermarket power window switches  they are intended for use in the repair or modification of vehicles. Coz we use the same production line, so quality is same, we do not have the all productions. So we need to designed and built to the specific requirements of the vehicle manufacture are intended to be a direct replacement for the original part.

To manufacture aftermarket (AM) power window switches, companies typically follow a series of steps:

Design: The first step in manufacturing a power window switch is to design the product. This includes determining the size and shape of the switch, as well as the electrical specifications and functionality.

Tooling: Once the design is finalized, need to  mold machine, mold injection machine for plastic parts , paint spraying lines,radium carving machine,assembly lines.

Raw materials: The manufacturer will source the raw materials needed for production, such as plastic or metal for the switch housing, and electrical components such as wires and connectors.

Production: Using the tools and equipment created in the tooling step, the manufacturer will produce the power window switch according to the design specifications. Need to make mold,injection molding, stamping, paint spraying,radium carving,assembly.

Quality control: As the power window switches are produced, they are must inspected to ensure they meet the required quality standards.our company Under the ISO/TS16949,every sample test by the test system and install and test on the car first.then go to production department

Packaging: Once the power window switches have been inspected and approved, they are packaged for distribution to warehouses or retail stores for distribution to customers. we have small box and big carton box. ensure the power window switch are safe and looks beautiful.

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